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Untitled , non-prject

2017 - 2018


Madou, Tainan, Taiwan



藉由建立一系列中性且沒有明確意圖的線索,讓實際執行透過兩位他者的漫遊來操作,像是夢、猜謎、走迷宮,是嚴謹的研究也是熱情的探索,嘗試著接近一種狀態: 對地方做出熱切卻又疏離的解讀。

The experiment in approaching the place in our investigation resembles the experience of observing the flickering dim light in the dark or capturing the harmonics in the ambiguous territory of ruins. The challenge lies in the positioning of ourselves in the current space-time while remaining a neutral conscious in the exploration process in the penetration of our prevalent hope and fear toward historical space. The operation methods include Scavenging: the Collection of Past Dreams and Exhibited Dreams, Metaphor: Conveying the Concrete Yet Fragmented Historical Experiences, and Wandering: the Capitulation of the Uncertain and Ephemeral Matter. By establishing a series of neutral clues without apparent intention, the two “wanderers” investigate and explore the place as if walking in a dream, a riddle, or a labyrinth, impassioned yet rigorous. It attempts to attain the state of engagement with the place with detached interpretations.

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