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Capture an image of the past|History

2017 - 2018


Madou, Tainan, Taiwan



The Bombing of Formosa in 1945 was a forgotten history of Taiwan, during which large and small cities in Taiwan were subjected to varying degrees of bombing, and even small towns such as Madou could not escape. This chapter collected the mission report of US military, through the US military to overlook Madou of 1945 from the sky.

Madou aircraft shelter

The aircraft shelters scattered in the Madou airfield were used to park the aircraft, and these unique landscapes were considered to be bombing targets at the time.

The general shelters are usually in a ㄇ-shape, but the shelters in Madou are U-shaped. Shelter’s scale is large, about 5 meters high, length and width are more than 30 meters, from the aerial map can also be easily seen. Leaving aside the function of defense, even in today its space is very shock and interesting.

Aerial photo of Madou Airfield  by US air force  in 1947

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