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聆聽山與海的聲音 - 無題 09

Listening to the Mountain and Sea - Untitled 09


Taiping, Keelung, Taiwan

透過接近與了解一個地方的反思與實驗,提出「漫遊」、「凝視」、「拾荒」三種實驗性的基地調查方法,經由未知的人進行:「漫遊 - 捕捉那不固定,瞬間即逝的物」、「凝視 - 有效表達具體又分崩離析的經驗」、「拾荒 - 採集人們昨日的夢,​展示夢」。採集著場域中的質感、觸感、體感、距離感以及海平面下的深度感等另類檔案,以此示例所謂建築與地景的原點,即是將身體投入環境之中的觀察行動。

The experiment in approaching the place with operation methods include Wandering: the capitulation of the uncertain and ephemeral matter. Gaze: conveying the concrete yet fragmented historical experiences. Scavenging: the collection of past dreams and exhibited dreams. And with investigators "detectors" to investigate and explore the place with texture、touch、somatosensory、sense of distance... collecting alternative files. An observational action that puts the body into the environment.

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