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Huzi Mountain Village



Taiping, Keelung, Taiwan




The façade of Huzi Mountain, which is made up of multiple photos, shows the whole picture of Huzi Mountain that facing Keelung Port.

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This map records all the routes of Huzi Mountain where human can arrive on foot. It shows the range of activities of people in Huzi Mountain directly, while the control of people gradually decreases with elevation.



The Huzi Mountain is divided into upper and lower areas by the Taiping Elementary School. The upper level is a natural natural forest and vegetable garden, and the lower level is full of houses.


Bathymetric chart


虎仔山城以太平國小為分水嶺,集中在虎仔山東南側海拔50公尺以下。整座虎仔山大致可以分成50公尺以下的山城與50公尺以上樹林兩部分,這樣的分布主要與坡度有關。虎仔山城範圍大約6公頃,除了密集的住宅群,錯綜複雜的街道裡還隱藏了公園、廟宇、廢墟、古蹟甚至廣大的菜園。然而這些人類活動空間皆終止在太平國小前,僅留下一條步道前往山頂的炮台遺址,砲台之後有一小段極為可愛的小徑,最後沒入荒野中。如此戲劇性的配置讓人聯想到了義大利的著名庭園Villa Lante,從山坡上的樹林下來到中間的別墅再到下方的花園,象徵著人類文明從遠古的樹林走向輝煌。回到虎仔山,太平國小作為理性知識的殿堂,乘載著過去,眺望未來的海港。


Beneath the mountain

Considering Taiping Elementary School as watershed, Huzi Mountain Village is concentrated below 50 meters altitude on the southeast side of Huzi Mountain. The whole Huzi Mountain can be roughly divided into two parts, the under 50 meters altitude village and the over 50 meters altitude forest. This distribution is mainly related to the slope. Huzi Mountain Village covers an area of about 6 hectares. Besides the dense residential complex, the parks, temples, ruins, monuments and even the vast vegetable gardens were hided in the intricate streets. However, these human activities are all terminated in front of the Taiping Elementary School. Only one trail lead to the fort which on the top of the Huzi Mountain. Then there is another small and lovely trail behind, and finally end in the wilderness. Such a dramatic configuration is reminiscent of Italy's famous garden Villa Lante, from the grove on the hillside to the villa in the middle then to the garden below, symbolizing the human civilization from the ancient age to the glory. Returning to Huzi Mountain, Taiping Elementary School is the hall of rational knowledge, carrying the past and looking forward to the future harbor below.

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