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Huzi Mountain Village



Taiping, Keelung, Taiwan




Huzi Mountain Village’s space consists of intertwined buildings and terrain, overall, looks shattered and irregular. These sections show the variety of terrain of Huzi Mountain and the relationship between buildings and terrain.

Section 1


The first section is perpendicular to the terrain, it can be seen the buildings climb along the slope, so the second floor also can be the first floor or even a basement at the same time if you look from another side.

Section 2


The latter section is parallel to the terrain, it can almost be considered as an elevation of the buildings. The undulating terrain creates different levels of entrances and exits for each home. And to fix it, they set stairs in a casual way which have various sizes. Because of these gaps, we were able to closely observe the activities of people of the higher floors. You can see the second and third floors on the road without raising your head. People moves between buildings and buildings, the lights are lit up in the evening with the rising vapor of cooking. A real life seems to be presented as a stage play.

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