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Even in this darkest of nights, I see the moonlight...

Forest of Metaphor  -  Moonlight Garden 

The setting of the moonlight garden is to encourage people enjoying solitude and discovering those tiny things that hide among the darkness. Six 10*10m cubes in the courtyard are stone paving which are made from pebbles that collected from the site. Below the cubes, the irrigation canals link the dense lemon eucaly forest. Drainage, tree nursery, dry creek and pebbles; the moonlight garden is a metaphor of local landscape and agrarian culture.

plan 無色壓縮.jpg


According to intercolumination of trees, we know that the distance of columns or tree trunks affect our feelings about walking. I put this into practice in the moonlight garden. All the distances in the moonlight garden are derived from 1.8m, a standard height of a man. I believe this is the minimum distance for a colonnade. People perceive that they are moving while they have passed a distance of a man.


Elevation view of tree trunks in moonlight garden


Different distances are subtly joined or overlaid. Taking pergola as an example, the pillars of pergola is derived from a single mode "1.35-1.35-1.35".  


Modules of pergola's pillars  


Sections of pergola


A group of small statues imitating balustrade under a real balustrade. The balustrade shape insinuates the tempo of steps, corresponding to the "rhythm".


Moonlight Garden (old version) 

The early version of moonlight garden. It's a three-stage dramatic experience. 

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